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Motorized Faders

EasyMix EM12 provides remote control of DSP's. Motorized faders and LED back-lit tactile buttons give users easy access to volume, EQ, and many other possible system functions via Ethernet connection.

Completely Customizable

Every button, fader, and LED can link to any control or meter. There are up to four banks of six motorized faders allowing control of up to twenty four volume controls. The faders can also be used as high, low, and mid frequency EQ controls. There are two customizable back-lit buttons above each fader and eight back-lit user defined system buttons to control system switches or trigger presets. The power switch can also trigger an external power sequencer with status LED for user sound system power control.

Faceplate and Enclosure

The faceplate is labeled using a printed vinyl with a durable plastic overlay and can be modified to include logos, special instructions, etc.  Additionally, the labeling allows for a wide range of color options, and is field replaceable. The enclosure is all U.S. steel construction.

Easy Deployment

Import the pre-configured templates into your DSP design software and have your EasyMix EM12 running in minutes. You can alternately build your interface from scratch for a fully customized solution.

Recent projects using the EasyMix EM12
Emery/Weiner School - Houston, Texas
Canyon Congregation - Hazelton, Idaho
California State Senate - Sacramento, California
Moorhead Football Stadium - Conroe, Texas

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